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7 Tips for a Profitable Home Closing

Palos Verdes Real Estate Pro’s latest real estate tip:
You want to be sure you’re walking away with all the money you’re entitled to from the sale of your home. You’re so close to the sale of your home and ready to move to your new home and you may think there’s nothing left for you to do. However, it is easy to waste a few dollars here and for mistakes to creep into your closing documents there, all adding up to lost profits. For more information, click here.

7 Steps to a Stress-Free Home Closing

Palos Verdes Real Estate Pro’s latest real estate tip:

By: G. M. Filisko

You’ve already cleared several hurdles by finding the right home, negotiating the best price, and getting approved for a mortgage. The last obstacle on your home-buying track is the closing, which can be both tedious and tense. By knowing what to expect and doing some legwork, you can smoothly put your closing behind you.

This cheat sheet helps you do your homework, so you know what you’re signing when you close the sale of your home. Click here to read more.

Is it a Good Idea to Try to Buy or Sell Home During Holidays?

Palos Verdes Real Estate Pro’s latest real estate tip:

Most people are advised to get their home on the real estate market in late spring or early summer, also known as ‘real estate season.’ The majority of homes do sell in the spring and summer, but listing your home or house-hunting during the holidays or in the winter is not as unthinkable as you may be lead to believe. You CAN buy and sell real estate during the holidays.

Nov Palos Verdes and San Pedro Housing Market Report

SNPLA-RE-News-Nov2015-coverRead Clint Patterson’s latest Market Report for Palos Verdes and San Pedro: SNPLA-RE-News-Nov2015-web (pdf)


Clint Patterson is a proud supporter of Pedro Pet Pals.

New Law Will Protect You From Surprise Closing Costs

Palos Verdes Real Estate Pro’s latest real estate tip:

You’ve heard the stories: At the eleventh hour home buyers find that the closing costs are different from what they were told.  But fear no more. There’s a solution.

Thanks to new mortgage rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that kicked in on Oct. 3, 2015, there’s good news on the dreaded loan paperwork front, especially for those about to close on a new house. The new rules are nicknamed “Know Before You Owe.”